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Rudy Ruffo, Celebrity Stylist, Talks About Transformation from the Outside In

Little Falls, NJ — Rudy Ruffo, a celebrity hair stylist, will guest on Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life, Sunday, January 16, at 9 am EST on New York’s AM970 The Apple, to talk about transformation from the outside in. The program can also be heard live on

Ruffo worked at some of New York City’s most fashionable, upscale salons. He was the first hairstylist to receive a Clio citation for his work in television and his diverse celebrity clients have included Sigourney Weaver, Ali McGraw, Joan Rivers, Frank Langella, Pat Cooper, Billie Jean King, Stan Getz, and Elvis Costello, to name just a few. He has styled hair for the Johnny Carson show, the MTV awards, the Tony awards, the Apprentice Finale, NFL Kickoff, CNN Heroes, major motion pictures, music videos, television commercials, and has traveled to photo shoots for national magazines such as Brides, Modern Brides, Seventeen, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, and Town & Country.

“Hair beauty is my business. I love making men and women’s hair look terrific and stylish, so I have strong opinions about how women, in particular, can achieve the hair they want,” said Ruffo. “Over the years, I have found that there are two major problems most women have with their hair — and it’s not what you may think.”

According to Ruffo, some women are frozen in time and are afraid to change their hair from a look they had when they were popular in high school, college or their twenties. Consequently, their hair is dated, very out of date. And, some women are bowing to the wishes of their spouse or boyfriend, who insist on their hair look being frozen, usually with too-long hair. He added that these men use it as control because they don’t want their wives or girlfriends to have a hot new look.

“Many men have issues with their hair, too, and that same fear of change. Men with thinning hair, in particular, get trapped into embarrassing hair choices,” said Ruffo.

“Get rid of your hair fear. If you don’t keep your hairstyle and cut current, you are not looking as good as you can. For many people, hair defines their image of themselves.

According to Ruffo, a good stylist will notice the factors and condition of your hair and will suggest the best cut and style.
“When you go to a beauty salon, you are going for professional care of your hair. A good stylist will be well trained and will take the time to create a unique look for each customer – not a cookie cutter approach.”

“I love clients who are willing and eager for me to do my job,” said Ruffo. “ I really believe that there are a possible million haircuts. Each time I cut a client’s hair, it can be a different look—every time. Really. I encourage every person to go for it.”

Ruffo created The Brush, a best-selling hair care tool sold nationally. It is available at the website,

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